Customer Service Automation

Automatically ask relevant questions, qualify leads and book sales meetings.

Get enquiries on your website every second

Start creating conversations that drive engagement, and you can grow your sales with little effort.

Lead generation flow

Lead qualification flow

Automatic scheduling of consult appointments

24/7 responses and customer service for your clients

Showcase your digital marketing services

Let customers learn more about your services

Explore the possibilities

Having a chatbot interact with your visitors is the best way to collect leads. The bots are proactive and available 24×7. It’s time to stop worrying about losing out on your valuable prospects.

Replace forms with chatbots

Customers are more likely to share their information with an interactive chatbot rather than fill a passive web-form.

Gather feedback on-the-go

Mobile-friendly chatbots can gather insights on customer satisfaction by asking their opinions & measuring their experience.

Share your bots with a link

Share your chatbot via on social media & in campaigns to increase your reach and qualify more customers for your business.

Experience BevooChat!

Ask your customers to rate your product or services, collect feedback, and generate reviews for your business.
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    Lead Generation

    Automatically qualify leads by asking relevant questions, provide product/service options and book sales meetings.


    Take your food orders with no hassle. Let your customers scan QR code to browse the menu and make an order.

    Appointment Booking

    Schedule an appointment on the fly, without the need for any human intervention.

    Collect Customer Feedbacks with BevooChat Bot!