3-Step Guide to start a Bevoochat bot using the Library Templates

To ease the process of creating a Chatbot, we have prepared ready-made templates that are responsive and customized for various industries. The Library Templates includes over 30+ free and professionally designed chatbot templates that you can install for your own use, and no design skills are required! You will be able to access the overall look and feel of your chatbot, from its layout to content and colours.

These templates will allow you to:
Increase flexibility
Be consistent
Reduce rework time
Speed-up development time
Reduce error for production test

To start, we will need to access one of the Messenger Tools – Messenger Bot.

The Messenger Bot is a powerful tool that was created to enhance seamless communication with the end-users.
Some tool includes Bot settings, Post-back manager, OTN post-back manager, Whitelisted domains, Messenger engagement and more.

Use the Bot Template:

Step 1: Click on Saved templates

Step 2: Install the desired template

Step 3: Select a Page and click Install

And you are done!

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