How to Setup eCommerce Store

Our Getting Started guides will help you get up and running with BevooChat.

Log in to BevooChat, on the left menu, scroll down and you will see the ‘eCommerce’ tab.
Click on
‘eCommerce store’.

It will bring you to the page where you will have an overview dashboard of your store.
Click on
‘Create store’.

You will see a page that will ask you to fill in your eCommerce store details.

  • Store name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Country, state, city, address, postal code
  • Logo
  • Terms of service
  • Refund policy

For ‘Select page’, select your facebook page which you want to create the store else you may skip selecting the page if you plan to use this store outside facebook messenger.

After filling in all the necessary details, click ‘Create store’

The store that you have created will appear at the side.

At the right side of the page, you will see a list of tabs. You will need to set up the details on certain tabs.

Checkout settings

Fill in the payment integration information, depending on which payment your business uses.

Check the payment options that your business is using. If it is using paypal, stripe payment or other payment method, toggle to ‘Yes’.

Adjust the delivery charges fees accordingly, tax can be 0% if your business does not have it. Enable the delivery preference and adjust the time that you deliver your item accordingly.

At the login preference, if you allow guest checkout on your store you can enable it. It allows a customer to purchase without logging into or creating a store account. Once done, click ‘Save’. 

Appearance settings

You can choose theme colors, how you would like your product to be shown and the font.

Click ‘Save’ once you are done.

Categories settings

If you would like to categorise your item. Click on ‘Add’, type in category name and set the thumbnail image(if any)


At the attribute page, you can add in different variant options.
For example, size, colors, pricing, etc. After you have added in the variant options.
Click ‘Save’.


At the product tab, you will be able to add in the product that you want to sell.

Fill in:

  • Product name
  • Original Price
  • Category
  • Product description
  • Purchase note (if any)
  • Thumbnail image and featured image
  • Item in stock
  • Preparation time

Upsell and downsell product

At the upsell product, you can choose a product in addition to the one being purchased.

While downsell product is the opposite of upselling, it can be used when your customer has declined your product or service offer and you offer them an alternative product at a lower price.

How to add variant pricing options:

At the attributes, you can choose the variants options which you have created earlier. If there is add-on pricings for the items that customer is buying, you can add the price here.

Click ‘Save’ once you are done.

At the product page, the options tab will appear. Customer can choose the option and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Once you have finished uploading the products, at the ‘actions’ column, you can click on the eye icon or ‘Visit Store’ which will lead you to the product page.

This is how your store page will look like.

This is how your product page will look like.

QR code

You can include QR code for your store as well. When customers scan it will direct them to the shop.

Copy URL

The link can act as button so when customer click at the messenger chat.

It will pop up on the store page.

Order status notifications

Orders messages can be changed on this page.


Click ‘Create’. Choose the products and coupon type, enter the coupon code, coupon amount and expiry date. If there is any max usage limit for the coupon, you can key in the quantity. Click ‘Save’.

The coupon that you have just created will appear.


At the orders page, you can see the order details that customers have placed.

At the status column, you can update the status accordingly once you are done with the order.