Restaurant QR Code Ordering

Take your food orders with no hassle. Let your customers browse through your menu and when you are ready, the chatbot will take your order.

Grow Your Business

Answer common questions, offer food recommendations, initiate newsletter sign-ups, and more.

Drive Sales

Convert customers with simple, personalized experiences.

Get More Leads

With 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Messenger beats every other channel

Engage Prospects

Build relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content.

Deliver on Mobile

Combine BevooChat with your Facebook to send prospects into Messenger, where you can qualify leads, accept payments, and keep the conversation going.

Our Clever Chatbots

Our clever chatbots for restaurants can give directions to guests, talk about the menu or even go ahead and take bookings for you. While you’re serving customers at their table, our chatbots can serve your customers online in an engaging and conversational style.

View Menu

Touchless menu by scanning QR code.

Give Recommendations

Chatbot recommendations on what to order.

Take Orders

Integrated ordering system to take orders from customers.

Make Payment

Integrated payment gateway to collect payment for the orders.

Skyrocket your customer experience

Streamline every aspect of your customer service processes. Help your team and customers achieve their goals faster.

Experience BevooChat!

Our chatbots can let your customers browse through your menu and take their food orders with no hassle. Experience it yourself by clicking on the floating messenger button at the bottom right.

Try all features

Visit our Facebook page to see all features, try commenting on a post or make an order by sending a message.

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